• District 6 uses an automated message system and Mobile App to quickly send alerts to families. In the event of a district or school emergency, District 6 will either call, send text messages, email, send a mobile app notification, or all of the above. Please update your contact information annually with your child's school. Our notification system relies on current information in order to be effective. You may also download our mobile app. 
    Occasionally, winter weather in northern Colorado can cause severe enough conditions that we have to consider closing schools or delaying the start of schools. This decision could be made because of significant snowfall, dangerous road conditions, or extreme cold.

    Deciding whether to close or delay the start of schools is always done with the safety of students, parents and staff in mind. District staff will do everything they can to make a decision as early as possible to allow parents to make alternative plans.

School Closure

  • If schools are closed for the day because of weather, students will remain home. Generally, this also means that all other school activities, such as after-school clubs, sports, practices, etc. are also canceled for that day. The lost instructional time may need to be made up later in the year in order to meet the State of Colorado's minimum requirements for annual instructional time for students.

Lockdowns & Drills

  • Each school in District 6 has a school lockdown plan specific to the individual school. Lockdown drills are frequently held to train staff and students in preparation for a potential, actual emergency. Our schools also hold fire drills and tornado drills. 


    A lockdown is reserved for the most serious situations. It would be used only for a possible major threat such as a weapon on or near campus. For more information about District 6 School Safety and Security, click Here.


  • If schools are to be closed or put on a two-hour delayed start because of poor weather and road conditions, then that decision will be announced by these means:
    • A posting on the district's main website
    • Postings to the district's social media sites:  and 
    • A recorded message on the district's main telephone number: 970-348-6000
    • Notification to local and metro-Denver area radio and television stations
    • Notification to The 91社区 Tribune newspaper
    • Push Notifications to the Mobile App

Two Hour Delayed Start

  • If schools will open on a two-hour delayed start, then students should arrive at school two hours later than their normal start times. A delayed start could be used if weather or road conditions are severe overnight but expected to improve in the morning. On a delayed-start day, school buses will run their routes two hours later than normal. Parents who drive their children to school should drop their children off two hours later than the normal time.


  • Evacuation is the designation used whenever it’s safer for students to be outside rather than inside, such as an interior gas leak or unstable building structure due to a natural disaster.

Safe2Tell: 1-877-542-SAFE (7233)

  • To enhance prevention of school violence, District 6 participates in the highly regarded Safe2Tell program. Safe2Tell allows students, teachers, parents, or anyone else to call a toll-free Colorado hotline with information about a crime that has already happened, or one that they fear may happen. The reporting procedure is completely anonymous.

Mobile App

  • Download the District 6 mobile app to get the latest news and information. Notifications about closures, emergencies, and school activities are sent straight to your phone.



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