• Innovation2020


    91社区-Evans School District 6 is dedicated to ensuring we engage, empower and inspire our students each and every day. District 6 staff members provide an excellent education for our students and give students the support and resources they need to be successful.  The work of District 6 is guided by Innovation2020, our strategic plan. The plan includes the goals of the Board of Education as well as priority actions and measurements. From improving personalized learning for all students to creating strong partnerships in the community, Innovation2020 is more than just a plan--it is the guiding force behind all the work we will do in District 6 for the next several years.  What you will also see within Innovation2020 is a commitment to continuous improvement and organizational efficiency that will allow us to improve and personalize learning for all our students.  We expect every child to graduate District 6 with a specific plan for college, a career or military service, and the skills they need to attain their future goals. Innovation2020 was designed to ensure we fulfill this expectation.  Transparency is important to us. Our students, families, partners and all community members should hold us accountable to provide the best public educational opportunities possible for all our children.


    Thank you for entrusting us with the education of your children.  My staff and I are committed to their success.


    We Celebrate 6 every day. Please join us!


    Deirdre Pilch