Learn, Share and Donate

     There are many ways to Get Involved in District 6. You can learn about what is going on. You can share information about District 6. You can also share your knowledge with our students. What about donating supplies that students and schools need? Take a look below to get more information these opportunities.


  • Partnerships
    Learn more about our school district by:
    • going to a performance or athletic event.
    • attending a Board of Education meeting.
    • become a part of an advisory committee or council
    • participating in a community school visit.
    • watching cable TV station channel 16.
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  • Share Knowledge
    Share your knowledge:
    • offer job shadowing and internships through our Career Pathways program
    • be a classroom guest speaker
    Share your resources:
    • allow your employees to volunteer during normal work hours
    • share your business connections to help students gain networking skills and training
    Share the District’s good news:
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  • Donate

    Support your school district:
    • supplies for classrooms - learn more about the teachers closet and how you can donate supplies to teachers in need.
    • money to sponsor schools, events, clubs, activities, field trips and students
    • services that can help raise funds for organizations or that can help educate students
    • equipment or other assets that will help lower expenses