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  • Located between the majestic Rocky Mountains and the open plains of Colorado, 91社区 is a thriving community and our abundant natural resources and strong educational assets are helping us grow in the 21st century. In 91社区-Evans School District 6, we are lucky to enjoy partnerships with a variety of governmental agencies, organizations and businesses throughout the community that support us in our mission to educate all children and help them be successful.

    91社区-Evans District 6 schools and the City of 91社区 believe we get the best of both worlds. We pride ourselves on offering big-city amenities while maintaining a small-town charm. We’re an “All America” city destined to grow, what with our strong work ethic, economic stability, Rocky Mountain scenery, excellent property values, and a positive development attitude.

    Enjoy learning more about some of the organizations that help make District 6 and our community GREAT!
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