Dress Codes

  • In response to recent news stories about our dress code, School District 6 wants everyone to know that we place a major emphasis on creating a high-quality environment for teaching and learning in our schools. The safety of our students and staff is also of utmost importance. One part of maintaining an orderly school climate that is focused on learning is to have a clear dress code for students and staff that emphasizes the wearing of safe and non-distracting attire.

    Due to the prevalence of some gangs in the 91社区 area, we are vigilant about keeping gang behavior out of our schools. Unfortunately, some gangs in the area associate themselves very closely with certain colors and numbers (13, 14 and 18). Displaying these colors and numbers on clothing is a way that gang members display their affiliation, recruit new members, and create intimidation or confrontation. By banning these displays in our schools, we have reduced the presence of gang activity, intimidation, recruiting, and confrontations.

    In order to send a consistent message about the dress code, it is applied to all of our schools, elementary through high school.


    The current dress code policy was created in 2009. This school year is the 12th school year that the policy has been in place.

    The only exemption regarding the display of the numbers 13, 14, 18 and their reverses (31, 41, 81) is for school athletic uniforms. Students participating in official, sanctioned school sports are allowed to wear their assigned jersey numbers as part of their assigned athletic uniform.

    Our policy is not unique. There are other school districts across Colorado and the nation that have similar dress code restrictions in order to increase student and staff safety in school.


    Student Dress Codes for District 6 Schools

    There are two dress codes in effect within District 6, a Universal Student Dress Code that applies to all students in all schools, and an Enhanced Dress Code that applies only to specific schools.

    Dress Code for All Schools

    All students are expected to adhere to the district’s Universal Student Dress Code (Board of Education Policy, section JICA):

    • Any clothing item or accessory that causes a disruption to school safety, personal safety and/or the learning environment may result in discretionary intervention by school administrators.
    • Tattoos, clothing or accessories that display drugs, sexual innuendos, inappropriate language, alcohol, tobacco products or gang connotations are not permitted. Tattoos displaying any of these must be covered at all times.
    • No hats are permitted inside of the school building during the school day. If “hoodies” are worn, the hood may not be worn inside of the school. (Religious headwear is an exception.)
    • Sunglasses or dark glasses, absent a verified medical condition, are not to be worn or displayed inside of the school building.
    • Trench coats are not permitted anywhere on school property.
    • Soled shoes or sandals must be worn at all times (for example, no “bedroom” slippers or similar footwear.)
    • Undergarments are not to be exposed.
    • Inappropriately sheer, tight or low cut clothing that bare or expose traditionally private parts of the body including, but not limited to, the stomach, buttocks, back, breasts or cleavage is not permitted.
    • No shaved or notched eyebrows (absent a verified medical condition).
    • No red or blue belts or shoelaces.
    • No team jerseys or belt buckles that display the numbers 13, 14, 18, 31, 41 or 81.
    • No solid red or solid blue shirts (other than designated school uniforms).
    • No red or blue “Dickies” or “Southpole” brand pants, shorts or shirts.
    • No red or blue bandana or any color bandana that is draped on clothing or hanging out of a pocket.
    Enhanced Dress Code for Specific Schools
    Some schools in District 6 have individually chosen to have a more detailed and prescriptive dress code, in addition to the districtwide Universal Student Dress Code. The enhanced dress code is also sometimes called a “school uniform.”

    Schools following the enhanced dress code work with local service organizations to provide families with assistance in purchasing the designated clothing.

    The following elementary schools use an enhanced dress code for students:
    • Centennial Elementary  
    • Jackson Elementary
    • Madison Elementary
    • Maplewood Elementary
    • Martinez Elementary
    • Romero Elementary
    The enhanced dress code is:
    • Must be gray or white
    • Must have sleeves, either short or long
    • Must have collars
    • Shirts cannot display logos, designs, or brand names (except for school name/logo/mascot/etc.)
    Pants, skirts, jumpers and shorts
    • Must be black, khaki, or dark blue
    • No denim jeans
    • No sweatpants, baggy pants or stretch pants

    Currently, Prairie Heights & Franklin Middle School are the only middle schools that have an enhanced dress code:
    • Shirts must be dark green, gray, or black
    • Shirts must have a collar
    • Khaki or black
    • No denim jeans