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Career & Technical Education Center

  • The 91社区 CTE Center will offer 5 new pathways:

    • Cosmetology
    • Education
    • Electrical
    • IT/Cybersecurity
    • Welding


    Each pathway is a 2-year program:

    • Students will earn Industry Certificates and Concurrent Enrollment Credit


    Students will be at the 91社区 CTE Center for half of the school day, and at their home high school the rest of the day. 


District 6 CTE Center Pathway Framework

  • Colorado Community College System (CCS)

    • Each of the 5 pathways align with CCCS course scope/sequence.
    • Sophomores and Juniors will complete the full pathway in 2 years.
    • Seniors participating in year 1 of the program will require additional courses to earn certifications post-graduation. 
    • Students will have the opportunity to earn industry recognized certificates and concurrent enrollment credit in their pathway. 


    Academic Core Standards Crosswalked

    • Extended time at the CTE Center has allowed for core standards to be crosswalked into the CTE pathway curriculum. 
    • A team of core teachers and administrators have crosswalked CTE and Core Standards in each of the pathways. 


  • Jennie Schilling Director of CTE
  • Jordan Karlberg Career Pathway Specialist
  • Gina Stinar 91社区 CTE Center Office Manager


      • Cosmetology
      • Education
      • Electrical
      • IT/Cybersecurity
      • Welding


        • District 6 will provide transportation mid-day to transport students to/from the CTE Center to their home high school. 
        • Students will need to have their own transportation at the beginning and end of the day. 
        • If a student is excused early for extracurricular activities, they will be responsible for getting back to their home high school. 
        • We are still determining the times busses will pick-up and drop off students. 

      Bell Schedule


      • Students will have the opportunity to eat lunch at the CTE Center or their home high school. Student lunch location is dependent on high school lunch times and transportation needs. 

      Credit Layout