Workers Compensation

  • Section 8-43-102(1)(a) of the Colorado Workers' Compensation Act states that "Every employee who sustains an injury resulting from an accident shall notify said employee's employer in writing of the injury within four days of the occurrence of the injury." 

District 6 Procedure

  • Report the Injury

    All District 6 employees should report the injury to their supervisor immediately (same day, if possible) even if no medical treatment is requested. For a full explanation of the reporting procedures, please review the or the Spanish Version,


    Complete the Forms

    Complete the District 6 Employee  and the  for any work-related injury. These forms are also available at your work sites. Simply contact your supervisor, health clerk, office manager, or the District 6 Risk Management Specialist at 970-348-6113. These forms are also available in Spanish: and . 


    Make Contact

    You must also call the Risk Management Specialist at 970-348-6113 to file a First Report of Injury on the same day of the injury or the next business day. This only takes a few minutes to answer a series of questions needed to complete the First Report of Injury. 


    Need Medical Treatment? 

    Contact the Risk Management Specialist at 970-348-6113 if you need medical treatment for your work-related injury. They will contact our designated work comp medical provider that you selected to schedule an appointment for you. Employees should be aware that they must use a District designated worker's compensation medical provider for any work-related injury if the costs are to be paid by Workers' Compensation. You will be responsible for all medical costs if you do not use one of our designated workers' compensation medical providers. Designated WC Medical Provider Choice Forms can be found above. Your own personal physician cannot treat you. Keep in mind that your District 6 health insurance will not provide benefits for a work-related injury. 


    Contact the District 6 Risk Management Specialist during the business hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, to report your injury or to ask any questions you may have: 970-348-6113.