Parent-Student Handbook 2023-2024

  • 91社区-Evans School District 6 developed this Parent-Student Handbook to provide information surrounding the rights and responsibilities of parents and students in District 6. This handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the rules, regulations, and codes of conduct in District 6. It does not include a complete list of District 6 policies. For a complete list of District 6 policies, please visit the District 6 Board of Education's main page . You may also access District 6 policies by visiting the District 6 Administration Building, located at 1025 Ninth Avenue, 91社区, CO 80631.  Additionally, please check your school's website for school-specific handbooks or contact your school's administrator for more information.
    All parents and students are expected to review the District 6 Parent-Student Handbook so that you understand District 6's behavioral expectations and the consequences for a failure to meet those expectations. If you have any questions or concerns surrounding your rights or accessing this handbook, please contact the District 6 administration office at (970) 348-6000.