Concurrent Enrollment - Earn College Credit in High School

  • 91社区 high school students may simultaneously take college courses to earn both high school and college credit.  Students interested in taking classes should discuss options with their high school counselor.


Benefits of taking college classes while in high school:

    • Get a head start towards completing a 2-year or a 4-year college degree, saving yourself money and time.

    • Gain the training and/or industry certificate you need for your future career.

    • Build confidence and develop essential academic and career skills aligned with your personalized learning plan.

91社区 college credit programs

  • Tuition-free concurrent enrollment college classes are available at 91社区 high schools, Aims Community College, and The University of Northern Colorado (currently paying for fees and books with MLO). 91社区 will pay for a maximum of 2 college classes per semester for a student unless the student is participating in a PTECH program. Students enrolled in PTECH will follow the scope and sequence of the program.


Eligibility Requirements

    • Be less than 21 years of age and enrolled in the 9th grade or higher in a 91社区 public high school.
    • Be on track to graduate.

    • Pass any prerequisite course(s).

    • Meet application deadlines.

    • Concurrent enrollment coursework aligns with a student's personalized learning plan.

    • The student has taken all courses at the high school level in the student’s interest area

    • Receive a grade of a C or higher in all concurrent courses.  Students that receive a grade below a C will not be eligible for concurrent enrollment classes the semester immediately following the term of enrollment.

    • The student is responsible for transportation to the college where the concurrent enrollment class is offered.

    • Students can only earn Concurrent Enrollment credit for the semester that they are currently enrolled.

Concurrent Enrollment and Career Academy Applications

  • Apply here!